James Hamilton

James Hamilton, PhD

Cardiovascular Biophysics

After obtaining a PhD in biochemistry from Indiana University, Dr. Hamilton established and is Director of the Cardiovascular Center for high field NMR spectroscopy and MRI. His extensive published research includes the first applications of natural abundance C-13 NMR to plasma lipoproteins and novel strategies using C-13 labeled lipids to study interactions of lipids with proteins and phospholipid membranes. His current research includes developing non-invasive MRI diagnostic tests to detect vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque and new MRI methods to detect specific components in plaques, such as fluid lipids. He also leads a multidisciplinary team that images heart functions and heart fat in type 2 diabetics. Dr. Hamilton’s recent awards include ISMRM (International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Imaging): First prize, Cardiovascular imaging poster and Wallace H Coulter Translational Partners Grant Award in 2007, Brom and Sunstein “Ignition” Award for commercializable research in 2008, the Biophysical Society Avanti Award in lipids in 2010, Outstanding Alumni Award Juniata College in 2011, and Fellow, Massachusetts Academy of Sciences in 2012.