David S. Paik, PhD

Senior Director Imaging

Director of Imaging Science, David S. Paik, Ph.D., joins Elucid Bioimaging with 20 years of academic research in biomedical image analysis including 49 journal papers, 99 conference abstracts and several book chapters and patents. His expertise spans medical image analysis, machine learning, scientific visualization, biomedical informatics, biomathematical modeling, cancer nanotechnology, and statistics.

After earning his Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University, Dr. Paik was an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford for over 8 years where he led a research group focused on methods of image analysis for clinical imaging and molecular imaging and on biomathematical modeling. He currently holds an appointment of Consulting Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford. He leads the company’s pioneering efforts on image analysis methods and disease modeling in numerous clinical applications.