Radiological image and annotation database/knowledgebase system, enabling storage and representation of hierarchical study data over de-identified human and animal subjects as well as phantoms and synthetic data objects:

Powerful Analysis Tools

  • Clinical utility of end points
  • Analytic performance of biomarkers
  • Special quantitative imaging versus pathology features

Coordinate, manage and pool data from multiple simultaneous studies with

  • Diverse study designs
  • Diverse inclusion criteria
  • Diverse endpoints
  • Diverse workflow
  • Diverse readers/adjudicators
  • Diverse site portfolios
  • Diverse PACS infrastructures

Elucidate causal relationships to establish surrogacy or discover patterns in study populations:

  • Deep dives combining imaging-based analysis with other objective patient data, e.g. clinical chemistry and other blood biomarkers

Manage Your Study Workload

  • Broad array alerts, dashboard, progress indicators
  • Site, Coordinator, and Cohort level
  • Worklists for reading and other workflow steps


  • Use built-in eCRF and/or Integrate with multiple other eCRF solutions
  • DICOM images
  • Pathology images


  • Graph database ideal for managing multiple studies and comparing diverse cohorts of patients
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • CFR21 part 11 compliant
  • CAPbase® works with both Clinical Edition and Research Edition
  • Available for Windows or Apple

Feature Synergy with vascuCAP®

  • Full integration
  • Batch re-processing to align data across multiple vascuCAP® releases
  • Easy

Scaling: Grow your initial studies into Big Data

  • Single server or multi-server

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