Press Release: Elucid Bioimaging Announces New vascuCAP® Workflow and Features

January 2, 2018

Elucid Bioimaging is pleased to announce the latest release of its class-leading vascuCAP® software is now available to US and European clinical users and researchers world-wide.

All users will have faster execution speed, improved visualization, streamlined workflow, and new reporting functions. Elucid’s CAPgraph® software is now also available to enable multi-user implementation and advanced reporting for both Unix and Microsoft server environments. Execution time on the both client and server has been substantially improved with no loss of accuracy. Curved planar reformation of the vessel and faster rendering have also been enabled. Workflow for editing image segmentation has thoroughly re-engineered with new 2D and 3D tools for faster resolution of unusual anatomy. Finally, a unique narrative reporting function provides user editable measurement summaries for specific arteries or user-designated lesions.

Research and clinical trials users will also benefit from the availability of confidence intervals and detailed user provenance for output data. Reporting is further enhanced with unique user-configurable native language impressions

“These enhancements to our clinical functionality and workflow were based on feedback from our heavy-usage sites and analysis of our in-house core-lab performance” remarked John Garber, CEO, “the enhanced workflow and operator productivity will enable efficient use in a much greater variety of applications.”

“Our release for Windows Server environments will allow many more sites to access the full capabilities of our software.”, said Andrew Buckler, Founder and CTO, “The improvements we have made in user access and productivity have put us in an excellent position to focus our R&D on measuring smaller vessels and additional plaque components”

About Elucid Bioimaging Inc.
Elucid is a biomedical engineering company with a unique portfolio of expertise at the crossroads of quantitative medical imaging, clinical trials, surrogate endpoints and big data to enable its Computer Aided Phenotyping® or CAP® diagnostics platform. Elucid’s first commercial product, vascuCAP® has been cleared for sale in the United States and the EU for the analysis of atheromatous lesions and their subcomponents from CTA data to enhance patient care. The Research Edition is available world-wide for customers performing research.

Contact: Samantha St. Pierre