Medical imaging is among the most important innovations of our time, but modern healthcare asks more from it than ever before, Elucid Bioimaging develops products to answer this call…

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Realizing the Power of Imaging in Medicine

Misclassification rates resulting in over- and under-diagnosis are too high in cardiology and oncology, driving costs. This uncertainty makes it even harder to measure change reliably, one of the requirements for the use of imaging in personalized medicine. Successive rounds of hardware innovations produce ever bigger data sets, ever richer – but which challenge unaided interpretation.

What would it look like to better align medical imaging to the goals of outcome-based reimbursement models needed by Accountable Care Organizations? To scale well to address the needs of integrated delivery networks?

Elucid Bioimaging addresses these needs using its patented, multi-modality, Computer-Aided Phenotyping (CAP) Platform, first in cardiology and oncology, with potential beyond.

  • Customized Systems and Solutions

    Elucid Bioimaging can customize your solution to fit your requirements

    • Custom-designed CAP client software for other disease areas
    • System Definition
    • Systems Engineering
    • System test and validation

  • Clinical Trial Services

    Elucid provides clinical trial support from Phase I to Phase IV – from implementation of our CAP clients like vascuCAP  to trial data management, analysis, and reporting

    • vascuCAP
      • Screen patient populations for trial entry
      • Conduct longitudinal studies to establish the effectiveness of drug therapy, enabling new claims and extending patent protection.
      • Exploratory endpoint studies for drugs aimed at atherosclerosis 
    • lungCAP or specialized CAP clients for other disease areas
    • Distributed or centralized reading services
    • Data management and reporting for any trial phase

  • Analytical Services

    Elucid provides direct analysis capability at its in-house data center for specific image studies or to characterize performance of biomarkers clients are working to develop or to utilize.

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